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Double K Air Conditioning & Engineering Sdn Bhd
No.134, Jalan Sentral 28,
Taman Nusa Sentral,
79100 Iskandar Puteri,
Johor, Malaysia.

Ceiling Concealed Series

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FBA140B/RZF140CY (6.0HP R32 Inverter)

FBA125B/RZF125CY (5.0HP R32 Inverter)

FBA100B/RZF100CY (4.0HP R32 Inverter)

FBA71B/RZF71CY (3.0HP R32 Inverter)

FBA140B/RZF140CV (6.0HP R32 Inverter)

RM 8,720.00Add to CartRM 8,330.00Add to CartRM 7,670.00Add to CartRM 5,900.00Add to CartRM 8,720.00Add to Cart

FBA125B/RZF125CV (5.0HP R32 Inverter)

FBA100B/RZF100CV (4.0HP R32 Inverter)

FBA71B/RZF71CV (3.0HP R32 Inverter)

FBA60B/RZF60CV (2.5HP R32 Inverter)

FBA50B/RZF50CV (2.0HP R32 Inverter)

RM 8,330.00Add to CartRM 7,670.00Add to CartRM 5,780.00Add to CartRM 5,580.00Add to CartRM 5,440.00Add to Cart

FDMR10C / RR10D (1.0HP R410A Inverter Wired)

FDMR15C / RR15D (1.5HP R410A Inverter Wired)

FBQ50E/ RZR50MV (2.0HP R410A Inverter)

FBQ60E / RZR60MV (2.5HP R410A Inverter)

FBQ71E / RZR71MV (3.0HP R410A Inverter)

RM 2,340.00Add to CartRM 2,710.00Add to CartRM 5,250.00Add to CartRM 5,460.00Add to CartRM 5,890.00Add to Cart

FBQ100E / RZR100MV (4.0HP R410A Inverter)

FBQ125E / RZR125MV (5.0HP R410A Inverter)

FBQ140E / RZR140MV (6.0HP R410A Inverter)

FBQ100E / RZR100MY (4.0HP R410A Inverter)

FBQ125E / RZR125MY (5.0HP R410A Inverter)

RM 8,130.00Add to CartRM 8,560.00Add to CartRM 8,960.00Add to CartRM 8,210.00Add to CartRM 8,720.00Add to Cart

FBQ140E / RZR140MY (6.0HP R410A Inverter)

FDBN10C / RN10F (1.0HP R410A Non-Inverter)

FDBN15C / RN15F (1.5HP R410A Non-Inverter)

FDBN20C/ RN20C (2.0HP R410A Non-Inverter)

FDBN25C / RN25C (2.5HP R410A Non-Inverter)

RM 9,120.00Add to CartRM 1,590.00Add to CartRM 1,920.00Add to CartRM 2,560.00Add to CartRM 2,910.00Add to Cart

FDMN30C / RN28C (2.8HP R410A Non-Inverter)

FDMN30C/ RN30C (3.0HP R410A Non-Inverter)

FDMN40C/ RN35D (3.5HP R410A Non-Inverter)

FDMN40C/ RN40D (4.0HP R410A Non-Inverter)

FDMN50C / RN50D (5.0HP R410A Non-Inverter)

RM 3,560.00Add to CartRM 3,690.00Add to CartRM 5,440.00Add to CartRM 5,510.00Add to CartRM 5,880.00Add to Cart
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