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FVI (D-Series) Inverter

FVI (D-Series) Inverter VRF System Fujiaire

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Benefits For Users
Fujiaire focuses on the basic function of an AC system: create a friendly,comfortable and pleasant living environment.New FVI DC Inverter VRF system's comfort technology include quick cooling and heating,precise temperature control,low noise and environmental friendly refrigerant.This is how we vreate a livable environment for users.

- Excellent in EER and COP

  Due to DC devices (compressor and motor),piping optimization design and new refrigerant control logic,the system's EER and COP significantly increase.
- Outstanding Comfort Ability
  Fujiaire FVI system has excellent cooling & heating performance,thanks to the highly efficiency DC fan motor,DC compressor and optimized refrigerant flow control logic.Precise room temperature control by adopting 2000 pulse EXV.Indoor temperature fluctuation can be maintained within 0.5°C to offer outstanding comfort.
- Wide Operation Range
  Cooling operation temperature is up to 52°C.suitable for the hot region.Heating operation temperature is down to -20°C.In the cold winter,FVI system can stably produce heat.
- Improvements To Reduce Noise
- Low Noise Fan Blade

  Provide high static pressure and large air volume,in the same,with low noise level.Specially designed to reduce the air vibration and disturbance.
- Silent Mode,Night Time Noise Control
- Anti-Snow Function

  In cold weather,the outdoor fan will run at intervals to prevent snow from accumulating on the fan blade.Accumulated snow will freeze and stop the rotation of the fan blade and can damage the motor.It only operate when temperature is lower than 0°C.
- All Outdoor Units Cycle Operation
  In one combination system,any outdoor unit can run as master unit.Balance the lifespan among outdoor units in one system.
- Intelligent Defrosting Program
  Program starts only when unit needs to.Whereas conventional unit's defrosting timing & duration is fixed causing fluctuations in temperature and personal comfort.
- Environment Friendly
  Refrigerant R410A(HFC),low carbon footprint,no harm to Ozone.
- High Efficiency DC Inverter Compressor
  High performance inverter compressor manufacturer.R410A eco-friendly refrigerant.Small torque fluctuation,low vibration and quiet operation.High efficiency due to its patented internal structure design.Internal oil circulation structure.Highly reliable.Wide rotation speed range.High pressure chamber.Neodymium permanent magnet rotor,has powerful magnetic force,large torque andd high efficiency.Concentrated winding,improving low frequency efficiency.
- High Efficiency DC Motor 
  High efficiency DC fan motor.Low noise and highly efficiency because of high-density wire winding engineering.Brushless with built-in sensor.
- Stepless Control
  DC fan motor can be stepless controlled by outdoor PCB according to system's operating pressure.And it is able to reduce the anergy consumption and maintain the system in the best performance.
- 180° Sine Waveform Control
  The perfect combination of 180° Sine waveform rotor frequency drive control technology and excellent IPM inverters,reduces the reactive loss of motor-driven and increases motor efficiency by 12%.
- CCT Inner-Grooved Tube
  CCT (Continuous Cooling Transformation) inner-grooved copper tube has high thermometric conductivity.These grooved fins break the refrigerant flow boundary layer to enhance refrigerant disturbance and increase heat-exchanging efficiency.
- Supercooling Flow Path Design
  Supercooling flow path design seperates the refrigerant inlet and outlet,increases the supercooling degree,and reduces the effects of high temperatures to increase system efficiency.
- Cross Flows Fins 
  Has low air resistance and great heat transfer coefficient.Frosting improved,frost on the heat-exchanger will be well-distributed,making it easier to defrost.
- New Internal Structure
  Due to the optimal pipeline design,15% copper pipes and 5% pressure drop are reduced.EER and COP increasse,because of evaporating temperature increase and compressor work decrease.
- Reduce Installation Cost
  Patented oil return technique with high efficiency oil and gas seperator where oil balance pipe is no needed among modules.Reduce the installation cost by no need to install oil balance pipe.
- Adjustable Outdoor Fan External Static Pressure
  DC fan motor allowed ecternal static pressure of outdoor fan adjustable.Outdoor units can be installed in the service floor or facility room.Maximum External Static Pressure 82Pa.
- Automatic Addressing
  Automatic addressing will reduce artificial faults by 35% and 5% manual works.

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