R410A Non Inverter FBHN125/150HBY1C

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- Ozone-friendly refrigerant
  R410A refrigerant has no chlorine content which do not contribute to the depletion of ozone layer.
- Changeable drive package
  Non-standard external static pressure and air flow requirement can be sized by changing the factory fitted drive package (for belt driven model only).
- Parallel flow condenser(PFC) heat exchanger
  Parellel flow condenser (PFC) heat exchanger utilizes whole aluminium coils with multiple flat microchannel tubes through which refrigerant flow. As air travels perpendicular to the refrigerant flow, it provides more contact surface area with microchannel tube, therefore increasing the heat transfer perfomance.
- Anti-corrosion evaporator
  R410A ducted blower H-series come standard with hydrophilic coating fin to ensure optimum system effectiveness and durability.
- Part load operation
  The modular unit configuration allows units to operate under partial load condition to meet the required cooling capacity. When any unit is on standby for maintenace or repair, the other condensing units continue to function to cool the premise.
- High efficiency scroll compresssor
  R410A ducted blower H-series is powered by highly energy efficient and reliable scroll type compressor, offering user the vital advantage of quiet operation and efficient cooling.  
- Rigid foundation
  H-series units are made of electro-galvanized mild steel casing, which are coated with epoxy polyester for protection against corrosion.
- Indoor air throw direction
  The choices of vertical anf horizontal air throw make it versatile to various architectual design (125,000 Btu/hr and above).
- Safety features
  Built in internal overload protection for compressor. High and low pressure protection. Phase sequencer to detect for any wrong phase and phase loss during installation and operation. 

Model:                         Cooling Capacity (Btu/hr):         Input Power(W):          Air Flow(cfm):        Dimension(HxWxD)(mm):
FBHN125HBY1C                     125,000                                   11,350                          3,750                      776x1,540x850
FBHN150HBY1C                     150,000                                   14,800                          4,500                      776x1,540x850

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