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Ceiling Concealed
Acson Ceiling Concealed C Series is designed to keep you cool as it operates seamlessly in the background.Both innovative y pleasing,it provides cool air directly to where you need it through a ducting system,to blend in beautifully with any environment.

- Versatile

  Directly channel cool air into any space while keeping the unit hidden or by distributing cool air to different corners of the building system - the choice is yours!
- Double Layer Protection
  Safeguard your investment with a secondary layer on the drainage system to provide added protection and easy installation.
- Cleverly Hidden 
  Low physical height allows for installation even in buildings with limited above-ceiling height,keeping the unit out of sight for full appreciation of your elegant interior.

* To know more about models and specifications,please refer to the pdf file above

 Inquiry - A5CC25C / A5LC25C (2.5HP R410A HIGH STATIC)