HSU-09VNR19 (1.0HP R32 Inverter)

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- A-PAM Inverter Control
- Turbo Cool
- Strong Airflow
Airflow design with expanded inlet air area and improvised air channel.
- PID inverter control
  Monitor room temperature to precisely maintain set temperature with margin of +/- 0.1'C and use less energy.
- Turbo Mode
  Just press the button ''Turbo'' on the remote controller,the air conditioner will work in turbo mode to get the fast cooling.
- Smart Clean- Cold expansion technology
  Kills up to 99.99% bacteria for clean and healthy air
- Hyper PCB
More stable and more durable. Provide Insect resistant, moisture resistant and corrosion resistant.
- Energy Saving
  Up to 63% energy saving.
- Peace of Mind
  3 years General warranty & 10 years compressor warranty.

Model                                         Cooling Capacity(Btu/h)                          Refrigerant                     Dimension(WxDxH) mm
HSU-09VNR19 (1.0HP)                          9,000                                                R32                                  810x204x280
HSU-12VNR19 (1.5HP)                          12,000                                              R32                                  855x204x280
HSU-18VNR19 (2.0HP)                          17,400                                              R32                                  900x210x310
HSU-24VNR19 (2.5HP)                          24,000                                              R32                                  997x230x322

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