PLY-SP42BA / PUY-SP42YKA (5.0HP R410A Inverter)

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- Wide airflow 

  Wide-angle outlets distribute air flow to all corners of the room,ensuring the room is sufficiently cooled/heated.Horizontal airflow and a fan speed reduced by 20% compared to concentional models also contribute to increased comfort for occipants.
- Less cold draft
  The horizontal airflow function prevents cold drafts from striking the boby directly,thereby keeping the body from becoming over-chilled.
- Wide-flow air outlet 
  The high-power ceiling cassettes offer a wide-flow air outlet that enables effective air conditioning of rooms with atrium ceilings up to 4.5 meters in height.The demands of hign-ceiling applications such as halls,showrooms or shopping malls can now be fully answered thanks to this powerful yet highly efficient airflow.
- Automatic vane shutter
  When the air conditioner is not operating,the vane shutter closes automatically to conceal the air outlet and create an aesthetically appealing flat surface.
- Unit height of only 258mm (PL-P18/24BAK)
  Ceiling cassette models boast a slim body height for smooth and aesthetic installation even in narrow plenum spaces.
- Automatic Air-speed adjustment
  An automatic air speed adjustment mode is provided in addition to the four air-speed stages,of high,Medium 1,Medium 2,and Low.Air speed can be changed freely in accordance with a difference between the set temperature and the room temperature.The automatic air speed adjustment mode offers quick cooling operation.After the room temperature is stabilized,the low mode will be applied automatically to maintain comfort.
- Drain water lift-up mechanism
  A high-performance drain pump on the drain water lift-up mechanism allows the drain water pipe to be lifted to 850mm from the ceiling surface.
- Bacteria-and mold resistant specifications
  Mitsubishi Electric filters are bacteria-resistant and the drain pans are designed to prevent the growth of mold for fresh and pleasant air conditioning at all times.
- Fresh-air intake 
  Indoor air quality is significantly enhanced by the direct intake of fresh air from outside.An optional multi-function casement (PAC-SH65ØF-E) is also available for the intake of a larger volume of air.
- Handy corner-pocket design simplifies maintenance
  By using the handy corner pockets equipped on the four corner of the grille,maintaince work such as drain pan cleaning and height adjustment can be accomplished without removing the grille.

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