FPDQ50APV1 (Capacity:5.6kW Compact Ceiling Mounted Duct)

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Home Central Air Conditioning
Daikin proudly presents to you the Home Central Air Conditioning (HCAC),the perfect solution to provide comfort for your home without compromising the beauty of your interior design by using its unique intergrated VRV system that could ensure you with independent temperature control for each room.
As the world's leading air conditioning company,we understand that every room,from kitchen to bedroom,certainly requires different air conditions.Choose the right air conditioner which it is able to intergrate with your style.HCAC is the best solution for the comfort and beauty of your home design.

- Quiet and conductive

  The Quiet function creates an excellent environment for you to concentrate and learn with minimal sound disturbance

* To know more about the models and specifications,please refer to the pdf file above

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