ABH105H1ERG (3 Phase) (36,000 BTU R32 Inverter)

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- Individual Louver Control

The four flaps can be controlled individually according to end users’ needs by controller, providing maximum comfort throughout the room.
- Smart Clean Technology
- Eco Cool
It has the capacity to cool as well as any conventional refrigerants while offering energy efficiency during use with low global warning potential as it doesn’t  impact the ozone layer, hence it’s friendlier to the environment. The DC Inverter reduces the electricity consumption for an economical, eco-friendly, and powerful energy saver.
- Comfort Cool
The unique Round-Way Smart Air Flow intelligently covers all grounds, leaving zero blind spots for an all-around cooling experience.
- Clean Cool
Smart Clean freezes moisture in the air, easily stripping off dirt and bacteria with a strong cold expansion force. To improve indoor air quality and cleanliness further, the HEPA filter captures all the pollutants in the air with its high-efficiency PM2.5 filter to achieve anti-bacteria and bacteriostasis.
- Smart Cool
Conveniently manage the AC anywhere you are with built-in Wi-Fi controls from your smartphone.
- High Ceiling Mode
This model can be installed in 4.5 metres height.

Model                                         Cooling Capacity(Btu/h)                          Refrigerant                     Dimension(WxDxH) mm
AB71S2SG1FA                                    25,000                                                R32                                840x840x204
ABH090H1ERG                                   30,000                                                R32                                840x840x204
ABH105H1ERG                                   36,000                                                R32                                840x840x204
ABH105H1ERG (3 Phase)                    36,000                                                R32                                840x840x204
ABH125K1ERG                                   42,600                                                R32                                840x840x288
ABH125K1ERG (3 Phase)                    42,600                                                R32                                840x840x288
 ABH140K1ERG                                  48,000                                                R32                                840x840x288
 ABH140K1ERG (3 Phase)                   48,000                                                R32                                840x840x288

 Inquiry - ABH105H1ERG (3 Phase) (36,000 BTU R32 Inverter)