High Static Ducted Blower Split System

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Fujiaire's range of High Static Ducted Blower Split System offers a total range of applications (4HP to 75HP) to meet your cooling demands.Delivering fresh air consistently to each and every corner,creating for a healthier and more comfortable living.
With the use of a Full Compliance Scroll Compressor,greater durability and reliability is promised,as well as minimising the demands on natural resources with efficient performance.

- Flexibility

  Fujiaire's unique system provides the adaptability of installation and flexibility of use within these areas.
- Excellent Air Distribution
  Long Duct Design - The system offers the capability of long ducting installation and distribute the strong coll air through its high external static pressure,hence increase the level of comfort for occupants;
  Fresh Air Intakes - Capable of introducing the fresh air into the building to improve the Indoor Air Quality (IAQ)
  Silent Operation - the ducted design allows for silent air distribution into the room without the intrusion of motor noise.
- High Efficiency
  Possesses a high Energy Efficiency Ratio,delivering exceptional performance with a reduction in energy consumption.
- Smooth Operation
  During operation,vibration of the unit is minimised with a low-pulse discharge and without-valve design.
- Great Reliability
  Scroll members are able to seperate in the presence of liquid refrigerants or debris,eliminating high stress in members,in turn improving the reliability of the compressor
- Increased Durability
  The scroll compressor has 70% fewer moving parts than other reciprocating compressor,translating into better durability and decreased maintenance cost
- Silent Operation
  With less moving parts the scroll compressor functions with less noise,never disrupting the consumer with quiet operation sound

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