High Static Pressure Dust Types

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- Easy Installation (Compact size & Lightweight)

  A compact size and lightweight indoor unit has been developed by reducing the basic chassis and the overall material weight.
  Volume: 47.5% down          Weight:40% down
- Design also corresponding to high static pressure
- Low ambient operation
  Cooling : 46°C ~ -15°C
  Heating : 24°C ~ -15°C
- Low Noise 
  Indoor unit - Cutting off the corners has enabled less turbulent air flow.Low noise is realized by adopting a plastic case and a plastic fan.
  Med. noise level : 43dB(A)
  Outdoor unit - 2 stage low noise mode can be selected.(Option)
  Roted noise value
  Low noise mode Mode1 : -2dB
  Low noise mode Mode2 : -4dB
- Easy installation & maintenance 
  4 direction piping connection.Error & operating information are ecplained by LED display.

* To know more about models and specifications,please refer to the pdf file above

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