Medium Static Pressure Duct

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- Sllim & Compact design

  In the case of bottom return air connection,not only does the indoor unit design allow for installation in a narrow ceiling space of up to 270mm,Further space savings have been achieved bt mounting the electrical control box internally inside the chassis.
- Easy maintenance
  Structural improvement is attained by making the bottom panel two piece,front and rear.The internal fan casing is also manufactures in two pieces,namely upper and lower.The maintenance of the motor and fan can be easily carried out by removing the rear panel and the lower part of the casing while leaving the main chassis while leaving the main chassis installed,Improved the heat exchanger effectiveness

- Easy installation
  Main work settings can be done easily from the remote controller at installation.
  Main work setting:High ceiling setting,Auto restart,Temperature adjustment when cooling/heating
- Two-direction drain piping
- Low ambient operation
  Cooling : 46°C ~ -10°C(24 type only)
  Cooling : 46°C ~ -15°C
  Heating : 24°C ~ -15°C

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