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- High efficiency turbo fan with 3-dimensional blade
  Previous turbo fan:                                                         New turbo fan:

  Air passing through the heat exchanger was                    High efficiency airflow distribution has been 
  uneven and the air would only flow close to                      achieved by the introduction of a 3
  the ceiling.                                                                         dimensional blade which increases the air
                                                                                            passing over the heat exchanger.
- Improvement of the airflow distribution
  New louvre - The louvre design distributes air leaving a space between the chassis and the ceiling allowing far and wide air flow distribution.Much less temperature irregularity happens by spreading airflow widely.
- Adjustment of hanger position is possible after installation
- Low noise mode of outdoor unit (45/54 types)
- High lift drain pump
- Low ambient operation
  Cooling : 46°C ~ -15°C
  Heating : 24°C ~ -15°C
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