High COP

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- Thin & Slim design

  Thin and slim design is realized by Ø5mm heat exchanger and high efficiency wind blower.
H282 X W870 X D185 / Big open panel and High density multi path heat exchanger
- Powerful operation
  20 minutes continuous operation by maximum airflow and maximum compressor speed is possible.Rapid cooling and heating makes the room comfortable quickly.
- Low noise mode for outdoor unit
  Low noise mode for outdoor unit can be selected by wireless remote controller
- 3 Mode timer (Weekly/Program/Sleep)
  Weekly timer can be easily set by wireless remote controller.ON,OFF can be set up to 4 times in 1 day and up to 28 times in 1 week.For other modes,program timer and sleep timer can be also selected by one push.
- Economy operation
  Setting temp. is shifted by 1°C automatically
  EX. : Cooling operation

* To know more about the models and specifications,please refer to the pdf file above

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