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- High efficiency

  GMV5 Heat Recovery System embodies the excellent features of GMV5(DC inverter technology,DC fan linkage control,precise control of capacity output,balancing control of refrigerant,original oil balancing technology with high pressure chamber,high-efficiency output control,low-temperature operation control technology,super heating technology,super heating technology,high adaptability for project,environmental refrigerant).Its energy efficiency is improved by 78% compared with conventional multi VRF

- 5 efficient operation modes
  GMV5 Heat Recovery has 5 different efficient operation modes: Fully Cooling Mode; Fully HEat Recovery Mode; Mainly Cooling Mode; Mainly Heating Mode; Fully Heating Mode.

- All DC inverter technology
  All DC inverter compressor is used in this system.It can directly intake gas to reduce loss of overheat and improve efficiency.
- Sensorless DC inverter fan motor 
  Stepless speed regulation ranges from 5Hz to 65Hz.Compared with traditional inverter motors,the operation is more energy-saving.

- Wide range of voltage
  Working voltage range of GMV5 system has been improved to 320V-460V,which surpasses the nationa; standard of 342V-420V.For places with unsteady voltage,This system can still be running well.
- Wider application location
  GMV5 Heat Recovery can realize a combination of 4 outdoor unit modules connecting with as many as 80 indoor units.It is especially applicable for business building or hotels.

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