Air-cooled Packaged Unit

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- Independent drying at constant temperature

  Unit has independent drying function.Room temperature can remain the same during drying.
- Rapid cooling and effective heating
  Unit can perform cooling rapidly and reach set temperature in sort time.With large heat exchange capacity,heating performance is strong and effective.
- User-friendly sleep mode
  Unique user-friendly sleep mode provides you with comfortable air conditioning.
- 24 hours timer
  Unit can be preset to turn on or off in 24 hours.
- Reliable operation
  Unit adopts high-quality components and can start working even under low voltage.Outdoor unit can work normally under high temperature.Working temperature can be as high as 43°C.
- Optimized air duct for lower noise
  Air duct system is designed through modern computer simulation technique.The newly designed air duct can effectively lower operation noise.
- Multi-protection
  Unit is designed with multi-protection.When malfunction occurs or unit is running out of normal condition,corresponding protection will be enabled and display panel will show the corresponding error code.

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