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- Appearance design

  Upright column design;new pentagonal innovative design;classic black and white colors for new visual experience;color can be changed.
- User-friendly design for control panel;first-created upright air outlet;two-way air swing for wide air supply area;concealed position for remote controller.
- Add medium continuous drainage hole for smooth eater drainage and convenient operation
- High energy efficiency
- High loading quantily
- Fire-proof electric box
- Intelligent WiFi control (optional)

- Multi-layer protection
  Multi-layer protection;high loading protection;overload protection;anti-freezing protection;refrigerant leakage protection;temperature sensor error protection
- Drying operation
- Timer
- Comfortable Sleep Mode
- Auto Clean
- Auto Restart
- Lock
- Self-diagnosis
- 0.5 W Standby
- Automatic Operation
- LED Display
- Wide Swing
- WiFi Control
- Remote Controller

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