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- Innovative column body

  The innovative capsule appearance is different from the traditional impression,leading the artistic trend of air conditioner.Metal wiredrawing outer case with champagne color is solid and durable.Sensitive touch control with big LED screen is provided.
- Ultra-small floor area
  The compact column body fits the wall corner well.It not only enlarges air supply area,but also saves space for nearly 50%.
- Wide-angle air swing
  When you turn on the unit,the panel opens automatically with air outlet swings left and right,so that wide-angle air swing is realized to distribute air flow more evenly.
- Ultra-long air outlet for more sufficient air volume
  110cm's long vertical air outlet provides wide-angle air swing and large air volume,which can adjust indoor temperature rapidly.
- Vertical cross flow fan with even air supply
  The innovative vertical cross flow fan makes sure that the air supply is smoother,softer and more even.
- Heating from bottom to top
  When the unit is heating,warm air will blow to the floor directly and then rise up gradually,providing even thermal field from bottom to top
- User-friendly design for cleaning
  After unit is turned off,press "Function" button to light up "Clean" button.After pressing "Clean" button,the filter will rotate to the front so that user can remove the filter easily for cleaning.
- Intelligent+controllable electric heating
  The electric heater can intelligently sense ambient temperature and air volume and then automatically adjust electric heating levels.
- Innovative U-shaped evaporator
  Innovative intergrated U-shaped evaporator increases heat exchange area for more sufficient heat exchange,higher efficiency and rapid cooling and heating
- Noise as low as 32dB
  The unit will automatically adjust the rotation speed of motor according to ambient temperature,so as to realize low indoor noise of 32dB. *Note: 32dB means the sound value when unit is operating in quiet fan speed.
- Anti-nipping design
  The grilled vertical air outlet is quiet sensitive.When a finger inserts into the air outlet,it will rebound in order to prevent hurting the finger.
- R410A refrigerant
- Humanized Sleep Mode
- Cold air prevention
- Intelligent defrosting
- Auto Clean
- Turbo quick cooling/heating
- 24h Timer
- Lock
- LED Big Screen
- High-density Antibacterial Filter 
- Monitoring of Intelligent Defrosting
- Light Function
- 3D Air Flow

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