I-Crown II

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- Innovative appearance design

  The unit is slender and adopts transparent acylic intergrated injection molding.Concealed display: When unit is off,the display area is concealed; when unit is on,user can control each function easily by touching the display area.Unique sliding panel design: When unit is on,panels slide towards the two sides and air outlets at both sides are open; when unit is off,panels slide towards the front side so that air outlets are closed.Seamless design is achieved to effectively prevent dust and dirt.
- Two-stage compressor for super cooling and heating in ambient temperature -30°C~54°C
  Gree two-stage compressor can heat normally and cool normally under extreme temperature without increasing power consumption.Air outlet temperature can reach 52°C in ambient temperature -20°C and 12°C in ambient temperature 50°C respectively
- Maximum air supply system 
  Unique double-sided air discharge design enlarges swing angle,thickness and distance,so that comfortable air flow can be distributed more quickly and evenly in each corner of the room.
- 140° double-sided air discharge design
  With 140° double-sided air discharge design,you can enjoy comfortable wind in each corner of your room.
- IFD dedusting technology removes PM2.5 efficiently
  I-Crown II not only adjust air temperature,but also improves air quality.IFD dedusting technology removes PM2.5 efficiently to protect your health.
- WiFi control
  If you install Gree special APP "G-Life" on your smart terminal,you can control the air conditioner anywhere through your smart terminal.With Gree special APP,you can realize the function of regional air supply,DIY noise weekly timer,SAVE navigation.* For more details,please refer to the user manual.Regional air supply:After setting "room layout" in Gree special APP,you can set air supply area and control swing angle.DIY noise: You can set suitable sound value and then unit will adjust operation automatically.
- E-joy button for controlling five comfortable modes
  User can enjoy 5 modes (Cooling,Cool,Comfort,Warm,Heating) by pressing E-joy button.The unit can adjust indoor temperature,humidity and air flow automatically and provide users with the utmost comfort.
- Precise temperature control
  I-Crown II is equipped with the function of temperature adjustment in 0.5°C.Temperature control is more precise.
- Lock 
- RF remote controller
- 24h Timer
- Intelligent Defrosting
- High-density Filter
- High-efficiency PAM control technology
- Anti-nipping Design

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