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- Shape of Chinese traditional clothing Hanfu

  Shaped like Chinese traditional clothing Hanfu,it is unique and graceful.
- Two-stage compressor for super cooling and heating in ambient temperature -30°C~54°C
  Gree two-stage compressor can heat normally and cool normally under extreme temperature without increasing power consumption.Air outlet temperature can reach 52°C in ambient temperature -20°C and 12°C in ambient temperature 50°C respectively
- Wide-area swing mode for larger air supply
  Front panel automatically will be opened upon startup.Air outlet swings left and right to realize reciprocating wide-area air swing.No matter which places you are in the air conditioning room,you can feel the balanced airflow.
- Super-long air outlet for sufficient air supply
  110cm super-long vertical air outlet,better suited to human body's desire of wider air supply.With large circulating air volume,room temperature is adjusted in time,making the environment more comfortable.
- Heating from top to bottom
  In heating,warm air spreads across the ground.With intelligent rotational big-angle air supply,warm air quickly fills up the room.
- Drying at constant temperature
  In Southern China,winter is wet and cold.I-Crown can realize warm drying through low-frequency control technology.
- Internal IFD debusting module for removing PM2.5
  I-Crown not only adjust room temperature but air quality as well.Equipped with IFD strong dedusting module,it can effectively remove PM2.5,providing you with healthy and comfortable environment.
- Noise as low as 26dB(A)
  Rotor running speed is adjusted automatically according to ambient temperature so that the indoor operation noise can be lowered to 26dB(A).*26dB(A) is the sound value of 18000BTU I-Crown running in quiet mode.
- E-joy button with 5 comfortable modes
  After you press E-joy,you can enjoy 5 modes,namely "cold","cool","cozy","warm" and "heat". Indoor temperature,humidity and air flow pattern will be adjusted automatically to provide you with comfortable experience.
- Finger-Proof design
  Vertical air outlet with finger-proof frill can prevent children from jamming their hands.
- Cold air prevention in heating
- High-density antiseptic filter
- High-efficiency PAM control technology
- All DC inverter technology
- Query of indoor temperature
- Auto cleaning
- 24h Timer
- Child lock
- Intelligent+ Controllable E-heating

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