A5WM20S | A5LC20C (S-Series 2.0HP R410A Non-Inverter)

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- Environment Friendly
  R410A Refrigerant is an near azeotropic mixture of 50% R32 and 50% R125 which has a Zero Ozone Depletion Potential.
- Fast Cooling 
  Turbo mode will allow the fan to operate at maximum speed. The extra airflow rapidly provide extra cooling effect. In 20 minutes, your room will cool 33% faster than normal operating.
- Wide & Long Air Flow
  The new SCR (Silicon Control Rectifier) motor gives a stepless change in speed resulting in smoother air throw and minimum sound level change during fan speed changes.Combine with the highly efficient cross flow fan,it can evenly distribute air up to 6 meter away.
- Automatic Restart
  Unit can be automatically restarted once the power supply is back to normal and keeping the last setting condition.
- Self Diagnosis System 
  With ACSON sensors and intelligent control board,error can be detected by blinking LEDs.
- Silent Mode
  It will bring down the sound level to an unobstructive 25dBA and it is perfectly convenient during the night.
- Easy use controller
  The ergonoically designed wireless control enables the unit to be under your control all time.
- Sleep Mode 
  Gradually increase or decrease the setting temperature to provide a comfortable surrounding for sleeping

Model                                    Horse Power            Cooling Capacity (Btu/h)                Dimension(WxDxH) mm              
A5WM10S | A5LC10F                 1.0HP                              9,500                                            859x209x288
A5WM15S | A5LC15F                 1.5HP                              12,000                                          859x209x288
A5WM20S | A5LC20C              2.0HP                              18,000                                          1124x237x310
A5WM25S | A5LC25C              2.5HP                              22,000                                          1124x237x310
A5WM25S | A5LC25C1            2.5HP                              24,000                                          1124x237x310

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