ESM09CRI-B1 (1.0HP Non-Inverter)

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Key Features:
- Integrated Air Purifiers

  Various filters (vitamin C,BIO-HEPA,Plasma Filters) protect you by keeping away dust particles,pllen and pet fur.
- I Feel
  Detects and consistently regulates your desired temperature.
- Digital Display
  Lets you know the room temperature at all times.
- Self-Diagnose
- Auto Clean
- Turbo Fan
- Indoor Light Switch Off
- Sleep Mode (ECO)
- 24 Hour Timer 
- 3 Star Enegy Efficiency

* Without Inverter

Model                        Cooling Catacity(Btu/h)               Voltage(V)             Dimension(HxWxD) mm
ESM09CRI-B1                       9000                                    220-240                        211x793x291           
ESM12CRI-B1                      12000                                   220-240                        222x848x308

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