ESV12CRC-A3 (12,400BTU Inverter)

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Key Features:
- Inverter 

  The all new ultra low frequency compressor will provide you even more comfort & savings.
- Duo Plasma 
  This features traps various particles in the air like dust,pollen and pet fur
- Genius Sleep
  This function lets you program up to 3 different sleep modes and self setting.Your comfortable sleep journey begins at a touch of a button.
- I Feel Technology
  Works cohesively with the remote control sensor and accurately projects the right temperature setting needed from where you are located at.
- Intergrated Air Purifying System
  Combines the technology of various filters such as Bio HEPA,Vitamin C and HD filter for killing various harmful bacteria and viruses for cleaner purer air.
- Low Refrigerant Indicator
- Gold Tech Protection

  The anti corrosive condenser and anti-microbial protection
- 3D Airflow 
- Self-Diagnose

Model                           Capacity(ml)               Power Heating                  Dimension (HxWxD) mm
ESV09CRC-A3                   9300                      220-240V / 50Hz                          316x844x205             
ESV12CRC-A3                  12400                     220-240V / 50Hz                          316x896x205

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