RAS-X13CJ (1.5HP R32 Inverter)

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- Vector DC Inverter

  A combination of the Vector Dc Inverter and Scene Camera Ceiling can cut energy consumption by up to 62% compared to non-inverter models! So you can stay comfortable all day,and save energy at the same time.Vecter DC Inverter smartly operates with maximum power at start-up,then auto-shift to minimum stable operation to maintain room temperature at a comfortable level.
- Nano Titanium Wasabi Air Purifying Filter
  The filter is packed with a hybrid coating of Nano Titanium and wasabi solution to realize a powerful air purification effect.
- Air Sleep Timer 
  Once the "Air Sleep Timer" is set,it will shift to silent operation as well as gradually rise set temperature by +2°C in 2 hours by timer control.The operation will stop after designated hours has been past.
- Refresh Mode
  Auto-Adjust to increase chillness of the wind and reduce sensual humidity for upgraded refreshness.
- One-Touch Powerful Mode
  A single press of the button for powerful & instant cooling.Airflow will reach much further to quickly cool the room with max cooling power.
- One Touch Silent Mode
  A press of a button instantly starts the silent operation.
- Anti-Corrosion,Anti-Rust (Green Fin Condenser)
  Condenser is coated with anti-corrosion green coating for upgraded durability.
- Fireproof Electrical Enclosure
  Electrical Components are sealed in 100% metal housing for safety.

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