GWC18AAD-K3NNA1A/I (2.0HP R410A Bora Series Non-Inverter)

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- Cold Plasma 

  Improve Indoor Air Quality and Give you a Healtheir Life.Active hydrogen oxygen ions are generated which can eliminate bacteria,viruses,dusts and other harmful agents in the air.
- Auto Clean (X-Fan)
  Cross fan continues blowing to dry inner of indoor unit after switching off the unit to keep clean and health
- Concealed Display
  Hidden temperature display on a classy high gloss surface.
- Self-Diagnosis
  Built into the front air control to quickly locate the cause of malfunstion.
- Turbo Cooling
  Press"Turbo" button on remote controller to enjoy a larger airflow which enables the indoor temperature to reach the set temp in a shorter time.
- Dehumidifying
- Auto Restart
- Intelligent Auto Restart
-1W standby
- Comfortable Sleep Curves
- Timer
- Auto Clean
- Golden Fin
- I-Feel
- Energy Saving
- Healthy Filters

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