GWC09KF-K3DNA6A/I (1.0HP R410A Change Series Inverter)

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- Automatic clean and dry

  Gree air conditioner adopts a new generation of hydrophilic aluminium foil,under cooling or dehunidifying mode,dust in evaporator will be removed by the fast-moving condensate water.The blade keeps operating for air deying after power off,thus achieves automatic clean and dry.This function is available through controlling the "X-Fan" button in remote controller,caring for your healthconsiderately.
- G10 Technology 
  At Least 50% Cheaper To Run As It Consumes Less Power
  Far Quicker To Achieve Desired Temperature
  Much Quiet
  No Temperature Fluctuations,Maximising comfort Level
  Lower Starting Current Compared With Non Inverter Air Conditioning
- 1W Standby
  Consumes Less Power
- Clock Display
- Auto Restart
- Lock
- Timer
- Comfortable Sleep Mode
- Automatic Operation
- Turbo Button
- Compact Design
- Self-diagnosis

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