A3WM25N | A3LC25FN (AVO 2.5HP R32 Inverter)

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- Inverter
 With the combination of mechanical and electronics technology, the efficiency of cooling will be magnificient coming with lower energy consumption.
- Ultimate Fast Cooling
With Rapid Cool technology, AVO air conditioner will adjust on the fan speed according to the temperature difference between the room and set temperature automatically. The integration of power and speedy airflow provides rapid cooling to cool down your room in 35% reduce in time required to reach set temperature.
- Long & Wide Air Flow
Long airflow distributes the cool air gently and evenly across the room. The reach of comforting air is up to 6 meters away from the unit.
- R32 Refrigerant
R32 refrigerant does not contribute to ozone depletion and helps to preserve Global climate changes.
- Automatic Restart
Unit can be automatically restarted once the power supply is back to normal and keeping the last setting condition.
- Self Diagnosis System
With ACSON sensors and intelligent control board,error can be detected by blinking LEDs.
- Silent Mode
It will bring dawn the sound level to an unobstructive 21 dBA and it is perfectly convenient during the night.
- Easy use controller
The ergonoically designed wireless control enables the unit to be under your control all time.
- Sleep Mode
Gradually increase or decrease the setting temperature to provide a comfortable surrounding for sleeping.
- Beauty Within
Give a fresher, healthier and more refreshing environment for better health and sustainability lifestyle.


Model                                    Horse Power            Cooling Capacity (Btu/h)                Dimension(WxDxH) mm              
A3WMY10NF | A3LCY10F                 1.0HP                               9,000                                             800x204x288
A3WMY15NF | A3LCY15F                 1.5HP                              12,300                                             800x204x288
A3WMY20NF | A3LCY20C                 2.0HP                              19,000                                            1065x224x310
A3WMY25NF | A3LCY25C                 2.5HP                               22,500                                           1065x224x310

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