A5CK10C | A5LC10F (1.0HP R410A Non-Inverter)

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F Series
Provide total cooling comfort in a simple and elegant way yet preserving our ecosystem.Four different directions of air discharge provide you a 360 degree comfort cooling environment.Combining the power distribution and slim elegant panel;peace,comfort and style are unified together to ensure a state of serenity.Equipped with advanced PLUSMA technology that can deodorize,sterilize and purify the air promotes a healthy lifestyle.

Cooling Capacity          Refrigerant 
      2~5 HP                      R410A

- Slim and Elegant Futuristic Design

Maintaning classy and elegant interior design with our stylish and slim panel which blend in seamlessly. Leveraging the uniformity of panel size and unit positioning in any room is enhanced. Installation of various capacity models are made possible.
- 4-D Cooling Comfort 
  Discharge air in four different directions to distribute and circulate cool air evenly for superb comfort.
- Built-in Drainage
  Each unit comes with a high-performance pump with 700mm drain head to ensure smooth and efficiency drainage of condensate water.
- Timeless Design
  Our stylish and slim panel blends in seamlessly to keep your interior design classy.
- Saranet Filter
  Antifungal filter traps dust particles in the air and allows for easy cleaning-just rinse with water and use it over and over again!

* To know more about models and specifications,please refer to the pdf file above

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