A3CKY35FF | A3LCY35F (FF Series 3.5HP R32 Inverter)

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FF Series
Acson ceiling cassette inverter FF series utilizes a controlled compressor that works a variable speed settings which leads to more energy efficient and consistent cooling comfort. Equipped with eco-friendly R32 refrigerant and Filtronz+ filter, enjoy fresh cooling air with 4 dimensional cooling direction.

Cooling Capacity          Refrigerant 
      2~5 HP                      R32

- R32 Refrigerant

R32 refrigerant contribute to zero Ozone Depletion potential and the reduction of global warming potential up to 30% when compared with R410A and R22 refrigerant.
- Inverter Technology

Inverter technology controls the compressor's speed accordingly to continously regulate the room's temperature.
- Energy Saving
When the indoor temperature has reach the set temperature, inverter technology will adjust to low capacity operation to maintain the set
- 4-D Cooling Comfort
Prioritize your cooling comfort with different airflow setting. Airflow direction can be fixed at user's designated angle by remote controller. Set the airflow pattern setting accorrding to your need and situation.
- Anti Virus Technology
Acson R32 Ceiling Cassette comes with Filtronz+ filter, Anti Virus Technology as standard which proven effectively decompose virus and reduce bacteria &
fungus on the filter surface.
- High Reliability Oudoor Units
R32 Inverter Light Commercial outdoor unit constructed with gold fin coating as standards for A3CKY20/25/28 and microchannel heat exchangers design for A3CKY30/35/40/50.
- Coated Printed Circuit Boards (PCB)
Prevents problems induced by humidity and airborne dust. It also protects against salt from contained in sea breezes. Both sides of PCB in outdoor units is coated for better assurance.
- Dehumidify While Maintaining The Room Temperature
Too much humidity can cause discomfort and unpleasant situation. Select dry mode to keep the room dehumified while mantaining the room temperature for better comfort.
- Easy Maintainance
The condtion of drain pan and drain water can be checked regularly by removing intake grille and drain plug.
- Built-in Drainage
  Each unit comes with a high-performance pump with 700mm drain head to ensure smooth and efficiency drainage of condensate water.

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