A3CC50J | A3LC50D (5.0HP R32 Non Inverter)

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Ceiling Concealed J-Series
The Ceiling Concealed non-inverter J Series is equipped with R32 refrigerant which is more environmental friendly and consists of zero Ozone Depletion Potential (ODP).

- Supreme Cooled Air Distribution

Cool air is effectively distributed throughout the whole room via ducting design. By taking every corner into consideration, it ensures optimal level of comfort. Multiple rooms can be cooled together with just a single unit.
- Space Saving Design
Low Unit Height : The unit is sophisticatedly concealed inside the ceiling, thin unit design make it perfectly adequate to reserve the space for various interior design applications.
Higher Flexibility : Easy conversion from rear return to bottom return is possible to be done on new R32 ceiling concealed to fit in according to building structures. Higher flexibility is available to cope with different customer requirements.
- Selectable External Static Pressure (ESP)
Two different ESP can be easily selected by switching the connector inside the control box as shown below. According to duct design required for comfort, the adjustment can be done easily during installation at the control box.
- Lightweight Drain Pan
New ceiling concealed comes with lightweight drain pan that will not get rust easily and ease the installation works. A slope is created on drain pan to
drain water efficiently.
- Drain Pan Maintenance Check Window
New drain pan maintenance check window located at side of the ceiling concealed, allowing technician to check the condition of drainage or dirt in the
drain pan without using any additional tools.

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